Monday, June 6, 2011

I am woman, hear me ...whinge!

I am sorry, but I just have to......why oh why do we have to have a Uterus?

Yes I know they produce gorgeous children that give us grey hairs and wrinkles and the best darn days of our life that we can have....but there should be something somewhere that says after the birth of your last child they go "poof" and you never have to hear from them again....but no they don't do they? They come knocking once a month to drive us completely insane....only its not just once a month is it?

Mine knocks on the door with bad cramps for a week before its turn to come and visit....and don't get me started about my lack of patience or nasty wrath might rein down on you!!!! :)
Then when my personality starts to resemble a normal person again, the cramps come back and my Uterus says "I'm still here" and settles in for a 10 day visit.... and now I am no longer a super cranky cow.... now I am a emotional mess that wants to curl up on the lounge, watch soppy movies and cry for a week about how hard it is to be a woman and devour as many blocks of chocolate that I can remember to buy. (note this is today)

Then just when I start to think its buggered off and left me in peace I get a few more days of cramps and cranky moods....all the while my poor hubby doesn't know if he should hug me, run for cover or just hand me chocolate on a stick from at least the other room.

For some reason I know that I should love my Uterus...I should embrace its good old making baby qualities and the fact that its part of my body....but seriously I don't want to. Its like a relative I try and ignore so that I can pretend that they don't exist...(I have a few of those)  Now that I feel that I am done using it for its intended purpose I believe that it should pack its bags, book its flight and take itself else where for a much deserved holiday...and while its gone I am moving interstate, changing my name and getting plastic surgery so that it can NEVER find me again.

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