Friday, May 27, 2011

Stayin' Fresh

I used to think it was strange when people I would know would completely re-invent themselves into a whole new person over and over again, new hair, new clothes styles, new likes and interests. Boring old me is always the same.... but as I get older I have noticed that I dont have one particular style. Maybe thats why I dont reinvent myself, because I am already 4 or 5 styles of person now so why add anymore?

At the moment though I am feeling like I am in a very "lost" place, I have a million things I want to get started on, but no way to do them and no idea what to do to get started. While all my old hobbies still give me joy, I want new ones, but I dont know what.

I feel like I need something new and totally off the wall to stimulate my brain back into action. I would have to say that this year is the first time since I became a Stay at Home Mum that I feel like I should be working. I dont mean go and get a new job, for where we are living now thats not an option, but I need something to make my brain work every day.

Something that makes me jump out of bed every morning and get into my day even faster than I do now.

Something that makes my head spin full of ideas while I try to go to sleep at night.

Something totally different and out of the normal.

Something to make me RE-INVENT myself ........... TOTALLY.

I cant wait til I find it, I know I will, I always find amazing things to keep me occupied, but I am such an inpatient person that I really hate to wait for the ideas to start coming, for the light bulbs to turn on.

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  1. Reinvention is healthy as long as our values and beliefs aren't compromised! Enjoy the journey that leads you to ....