Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stayin' The Protective Mummy

Some people would say I am over protective, ok a lot probably would. I definitely agree I am protective, its my job as a Mother to guard my young with my life and ensure they have the best start to their lives as they can. I dont think I am OVER protective! I know the world is a big scary place, I know bad things will happen to them, but as a Mother I believe its my job to ensure that I stop as much of that bad stuff happening to them for as long as I can.

We live in a small town, the kind of town where kids are left to roam the streets after school, where on weekends no one really knows where their kids are playing or who with and where my "over-protectiveness" is frowned apon. My eldest who is eight now, isnt allowed to roam the streets on his own, he isnt allowed to wander off and play with his friends in the bush, or down the beach  or anywhere else. His boundaries are our fence line, and will remain our fence line.

If I was a Zebra on the plains of Africa I wouldnt let my little foul run and play out in the open without me, that would lead to a big old Lion getting a really good meal.....just because I am human and living in a modern day Australia doesnt mean I should be any different.

At times he pulls the "but ....... is allowed to ride their bike around town" or "but I saw ......... go past to the bike track on their own" Emotional blackmail..... Usually the old "because I said so" answer to his plees to be let loose are enough. (an answer I swore that I would never use on my kids but alas its crept in) When they dont work and he tells me that he wont do anything wrong, or that he will be careful, I explain to him that I can trust that he will be good, and that he will be careful....but unfortunetly I cant trust everything around him. I cant guarantee that there wont be a snake in the bushes that he could step on, I cant guarantee that no one will come too fast around the corner and swerve into the walking lane, and ofcourse I cant trust that the worst most horrible things that happen to children wont happen to him. (this one I dont explain in detail but I have, as my children have grown older explained about stranger danger and the like so its not something that they havent heard before) The list of things I cant ensure wont happen is endless.

I am not completely insane about what my kids can and cant do, its more of what they can and cant do without me being there to ensure they are safe. As a Mother I believe thats my responsibility.

We all know Mothers have magical powers that let us heal "owies" with bandaids, broken hearts with hugs and stresses with love....... Unfortunetly though we cant take things back once they happen. We cant turn back the clock and decide that we are not letting them ride round town that day, or that we wont let them go out and play with friends after school that afternoon. If we had foresight into the days things would go wrong and the days that things would be ok that would solve all our problems, but we dont. So until someone gives me that ability to look into the future and work out where and when things will go wrong I will continue to be the protective mummy that I am.

At the end of the day people can think I am over-bearing or over-protective or completely insane....thats nothing for me to worry about. All I need to worry about are my children, and I want to be able to look back at their childhood and be able to sleep easy with the thought that I did the best I could, I protected them as much as I was able and that in turn they lived a fun filled, excicting and happy childhood.


  1. From one protective Mummy with boundaries to another .... AMEN!

  2. Find myself nodding "yes, yep, for sure" to all your posts, I am avid reader and look forward to your next insight. Sending you best wishes on your blogging journey :)