Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stayin' Handmade

I love Handmade goodness. I would much rather buy something someone has made for me than something from a commercial shop. Though I do have to admit I love bargains, so while I would love to have a wardrobe full of wonderful goods that were made by wonderful creative people, its not always a possibility as, well lets face it money doesnt grow on trees. So while I would rather buy a handmade dress, you will find me in the ilse at Kmart, and clothing shops looking for bargains, or items to suit my current frame of mind. While on holidays earlier this year I did lots of bargain shopping....esp in Kmart. How can I say no to shorts and skirts and tops for less than $5, and $2 for the kids? seriously I cant!

Since returning home I am back on the handmade wagon though, or atleast buying through ladies who are making their businesses work from home and putting their family first. Who doesnt want to support them just for that.

Facebook will serioulsy send me broke. For a free service it certainly costs me a fortune. So many many many handmade businesses, all with gorgeous creations and wonderful service flashing pictures at me every minute of every day of every week. Everything from Jewellery to Jackets, from Dresses to Diaries. Shop after shop full of goodies from a what seems like a million Handmade businesses trying to max out my credit card, and empty the bank account.

The most wonderous part of buying from these handmade businesses is not the quality, though its amazing, nor is it the fact I am supporting a mother like myself run her life; even though that is wonderful too, its the feeling I get when someone says to me "Where did you get that?" and I can stand there and say loud and proud that I bought it from a WAHP and they were wonderful to deal with and I am super happy with what I bought. I feel proud of myself for supporting them, and proud to promote them, and proud that the handmade community is only growing more and more and more; (yes somedays I wish it would dissapear just for a month or more so that I could recover my bank account lol) but in general I do love it. I love sharing what I find with friends and promoting these wonderful people on Facebook. Its great when someone says to me "Do you know where I can get a ............?" and I can search through my Facebook favourite shops and find them all the links they can possibly need.

Its great when I see a Business that I support go from looking for people to create for, and asking anyone if they want anything custom made, to so busy with orders that they cant keep up. Its great to watch them grow leaps and bounds with their work and so nice to share in their success as their business gets bigger and bigger.

Places like Facebook, Etsy and Madeit have really opened the doors for many creative people and I love that its back in Fashion to buy Handmade!

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  1. A woman after my own heart!! Love this ... my husband and credit card not as big fans ;0)